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Season 2, Epsiode 12

23 Aaron is joined by Conor, a prodigy developer, to discuss upcoming tweaks, possible themes, and Minecraft modding.


Season 2, Epsiode 11

Join us, as for the first time in the history of TalkBoard, all the hosts and guests are in the same room! Aaron is joined by Ayden Panhuyzen, Adam Demasi, Laug...

Short Session with Sam

Season 2, Epsiode 10

Aaron is joined by Sam G, prominent member of the community, for a brief discussion about his tweaks.


23 Aaron

A show hosted by 23 Aaron & sometimes a co-host!

From week to week, there will be special guests, interesting topics, and even community questions. If you'd like to take part in the podcast, contact @TalkBoardLive on Twitter.

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Moses Buckwalter

Micah Gomez

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